Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tripple your payroll - and pain

I've been out of practice for a while apparently - back when I worked adult leagues I would take a triple any night of the week - this is a real feat for an official, and a real pain in the feet for me.

I have wide feet, that is to say, paddles, while most hockey skate manufacturers seem to think that skates need only come in one size - 'standard'. The result is that my feet hurt after an hour in the boot, and positively scream 'genocide' after 4. To add injury to insult - I have a nagging groin pull that is making my strides look like a Don Knotts impersonation.

But... I still finished the games, only got chewed out once for being lazy during the third game (whadday doin stripes, that was way offsides) and broke a good sweat. i think next time I'll be telling the scheduler to pound sand if he asks me to work a triple shift again...


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