Sunday, October 02, 2005

How many experience points do you need...

Remember when you were a kid and you played D&D (ok remember when I was a kid, when you were a kid you beat up the kids that played D&D) - your player character had to earn experience points to gain a level, and the table of points required to get new spells and skills seemed impossibly huge.

This weekend marked the 3rd year I have attended a Level 4 USAH referee seminar, last years seemed impossibly hard, like the higher levels for the D&D characters - but then last year I didnt study, woke up late, drove like a maniac in a car that was falling apart (the good car had a flat!) and then I was given the wrong number for the on-ice grading (officials get a number that tells them what order to do the drills in, the graders only know what number you are by the order they see you in) and nearly managed to fail the skating test.

Well, I seem to have gained enough experience points in the last year to make it comfortably into the Level 4 bracket - the on-ice portion was not difficult, at least it didnt feel all that hard compared to years past, and the written was a breeze, what a difference those flash-cards made.

Ultimately the best part as a trained seminar instructor was being a student with some of the best instructors our state has to offer - and seeing that they fumble a bit too. Last year's seminar that I instructed in resulted in a harsh dressing down by the co-ordinator, wonder if Shooky would have gotten reamed [side note, Shooky was my instructor at the Instructor's Camp, "do as I say" is not just a joke]. However given their background these guys still managed to make a day of classroom time useful and appreciated.


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