Monday, April 25, 2005

Canceled games


So I tell my wife I have a game, skip playing some lunchtime drop-in and lock-off a bunch of time to drive to the rink and wast a half-hour sitting in the locker room waiting for the game to start, only there's no game because there's NO TEAMS!

The rink had a power-outage so there would not have been a game anyway but somehow the teams found out and skipped the drive. Call the referee, nope - why bother. So I dont get paid (because the rink is closed and the game postponed) but I'm the only one who has to waste a whole night prepping, driving and waiting.


Blogger KG said...

I feel your pain (or used to anyway). The officials association to which I belong charges clubs if they cancel games late to specifically provide a remedy to the situation you've described. The officials don't get their entire fee, but they get more than they normally would (which was bupkus).

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